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Panama City Beach, FL


It shall be the mission of this organization to endeavor to cultivate public sentiment for the promotion of civic improvements for the best development of the Panama City Beach community and generally, to give aid to worthy projects of the Panama City Beach community to the exclusion of any indulgence of elected officers in politics in the name of the organization.

2021-2022 Officers Cheri Leistner, Sue Jiles, Diane Vitale, Nancy Stovall, Gloria Turner, Arlene Klaas

Elected Officers (2021-2022)

Diane Vitale
First Vice President
Nancy Stovall
Second Vice President
Sue Jiles
Recording Secretary
Arlene Klaas
Corresponding Secretary
Gloria Turner
Cheri Leistner
Donation Recipients from Christmas Luncheon 2020

Charities & Projects Receiving Funds