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Panama City Beach, FL


Membership shall include those women who are residents and/or property owners and/or operators of a business in Panama City Beach area defined as the area between the Hathaway Bridge, the Phillips Inlet Bridge and the West Bay Bridge in Bay County, Florida. Membership shall also include women (up to 20) who live in Bay or Walton County, have a special interest in the Beach, and are recommended for membership by a member in good standing.

New Members

Women interested in joining the club: - will be sponsored by an active member or - can contact the club via email and a sponsor will be assigned to mentor the new candidate.

After the candidate has attended two luncheon meetings and wishes to join: - the applicant will complete a Membership Application - the application is to be submitted to the sponsor with the membership fees - the sponsor will complete the sponsor sheet - the sponsor will sign and deliver the package to the First Vice President.

The First Vice President will present the application at the next Board Meeting for approval and upon approval, the applicant will be installed at the next luncheon meeting.

Inactive Membership

Any member who: - cannot attend meetings or participate in club activities on a regular basis, and - submits the Inactive Request Form to either the President or First Vice President on or before July 1 of each year, and - pays their dues.